Project Reference


PT Universal Luggage Indonesia Factory

 Client  :  PT Universal Luggage Indonesia
 Location  :  Balaraja – Banten
 Years  :  2017
 Description  :  Suitcase Factory complex composed of multi-storey production plant, office, and dormitory

Royal Board 3 Factory

 Client  : PT Djabesmen
 Location  :  Cikarang, West Java
 Years  :  2017
 Description  : Royal Board’s production line with its machine foundations and supporting facilities.

Effluent Treatment Plant Complex

 Client  :  PT Multimas Nabati Asahan
 Location  :  Cilegon – Banten
 Years  :  2017
 Description  :  Effluent Treatment Plant complex to support PT MNA’s industrial complex, consists of multi-storey building, ponds, tank foundations, pipe racks, and accessories

Airport City Commercial Warehouse Complex

 Client  :  PT Sarana Bhakti Angkasa
 Location  :  Teluk Naga – Banten
 Years  :  2016
 Description  :  Commercial Warehousing Complex of Airport City, under ownership of PT Sarana Bhakti Angkasa

PT Yamatogawa Indonesia Factory

 Client  :  PT Yamatogawa Indonesia
 Location  :  Cikande – Banten
 Years  :  2016
 Description  :  PT Yamatogawa’s Factory in Cikande, Serang

MERAPI UTAMA PARMA1 PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial - 2

PT Merapi Utama Pharma Central Distribution Center

 Location  :  Cimanggis, Jawa Barat
 Years  :  2015
 Description  :  Central Distribution Center for one of the Indonesia’s leading Pharmaceutical Product distributor PT MERAPI UTAMA PHARMA, member of OTSUKA Pharmaceutical Group

PT Pesaka Loka Kirana Distribution Center

 Client  :  PT Pesaka Loka Kirana
 Location  :  Bekasi – West Java
 Years  :  2014
 Description  : Large racking warehouse and distribution center owned by PT Pesaka Loka Kirana

JSK REF PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

PT Sukses Indo Multiguna Warehouse

Client  :  PT Sukses Indo Multiguna
 Location  :  Cikarang – West Java
 Years  :  2013
 Description  : Commercial Warehouse owned by PT Sukses Indo Multiguna

PT Wahana Makmur Sejati Distribution Center

Client  :  PT Wahana Makmur Sejati
 Location  :  Tangerang – Banten
 Years  :  2013
 Description  : Multi-storey Honda motorcycle distribution center owned by PT Wahana Makmur Sejati 

JSK REF PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

PT Presindo Central Factory

Client  :  PT Presindo Central
 Location  :  Tangerang – Banten
 Years  :  2013
 Description  : PT Presindo Central Factory Extention

PT Citramas Jaya Teknik Mandiri Factory

Client  :  PT Citramas Jaya Teknik Mandiri
 Location  :  Bekasi – West Java
 Years  :  2008
 Description  : Steel Galvanizing Plant Workshop owned by PT Citramas Jaya Teknik Mandiri

JSK REF PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

PT Metal Castindo Factory and Facility 

Client  :  PT Metal Castindo Industritama
 Location  :  Bekasi – West Java
 Years  :  2011
 Description  : PT Metal Castindo Industritama factory and supporting facilities

MERAPI UTAMA PARMA1 PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

APL / Tungya Collins Distribution Center

 Client  :  PT Tungya Collins Terminal
 Location  :  Cakung, Jakarta
 Years  :  2008
 Description  :  10.000+ sqm high racking warehouse distribution center built for APL Logistic / Tungya Collins terminal.

MPI PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

PT MPI Factory

 Client  :  PT Modern Plastic Industry
 Location  :  Cikarang, Jawa Barat
 Years  :  2007
 Description  :  Plastic Injection Factory inWest Java.

Project #5

 Client  :  WIKA
 Location  :  Jakarta
 Years  :  1999
 Description  :  Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Indomaguro Tunas Unggul

 Client  :  PT Indomaguro Tunas Unggul
 Location  :  Jakarta
 Years  :  2004
 Description  :  Cold Storage owned by PT Indomaguro Tunas Unggul in Muara Baru, Jakarta

JSK REF PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

Jakarta Servicetama Katering Factory

 Location  :  Muara Baru, Jakarta
 Years  :  2004
 Description  : Food grade factory servicing businesses and retail markets

NEW HOPE INDONESIA BAJA PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

New Hope Indonesia Factory

 Client  :  PT New Hope Indonesia
 Location  :  Cikande, West Java
 Years  :  2008
 Description  :  Feedmil Factory owned by PT New Hope Indonesia in Cikande, Serang

PT Asa Bintang Factory

 Client  :  PT Asa Bintang
 Location  :  Cikande – Banten
 Years  :  2003
 Description  :  Factory and supporting facility owned by PT Asa Bintang

WEATHERFORD PT Bahas Rekasatya industrial

PT Iron Bird Transport / PT Weatherford Indonesia Workshop

Client  :  PT Iron Bird Transport / Weatherford Indonesia
 Location  :  Bekasi – West Java
 Years  :  2010
 Description  :  Built-to-suit Workshop for PT Weahterford Indonesia, owned by PT Iron Bird Transport, member of Blue Bird Group.