Project Reference

Project Spesific Construction

SANTO S5 Project Spesific Construction PT Bahas Rekasatya

Blanket Fabrication Service

 Client  :  Santos (Madura Offshore) Pty Ltd
 Location  :  Madura Offshore
 Years  :  2013
 Description  :  Blanket Manpower and Equipment Service Support for Santos (Madura Offshore) Pty Ltd for both onshore and offshore works

SANTO S24 Project Spesific Construction PT Bahas Rekasatya

Fabrication Support

 Client  :  Santos (Madura Offshore) Pty Ltd
 Location  :  Jakarta
 Years  :  2013
 Description  :  Blanket Fabrication Support for Maleo and Wortel, including fabrication support and Jacket Load Out

Blanket Construction Service

 Client  :  Santos (Sampang) Pty Ltd
 Location  :  Jakarta
 Years  :  2014
 Description  :  Blanket Construction Service, providing manpower, equipment, and construction / maintenance support for Operation facility of Santos Sampang location

Call Out Construction and Management Services

 Location  :  Jakarta
 Years  :  2015
 Description  :  Blanket construction and manpower call out support for Santos Northwest Natuna BV