Quality Commitment

Our quality commitment is to reach targeted quality standard through sustainable practice and continuously improving from here.Our view and ability to achieve quality construction is developed step by step every passing years and every passing Projects.  We commit to plan our quality plan meticulously for every project and to learn from every successes and mistakes we have made in order to ensure a better service to our clients.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

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PT Bahas Rekasatya QHSE Paper :

  QHSE Paper

Quality Policy

PT. Bahas Rekasatya

We believe that achieving the target quality of work quality is a fundamental right of our clients. For this reason, PT. BAHAS REKASATYA is committed to carrying out work in a planned manner and as best as it is reasonably practised.
We believe that a plan to achieve clear work quality and development is essential to the success of our business. We will ensure that everyone knows the work quality roadmap of the project and is aware of their responsibilities in achieving that quality.

We believe in continuous improvement that will lead us to be company that can do better for our clients.

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